Integration for Publisher Owned CMP

If you use your own CMP solution, we will support you by testing the integration from your CMP interface and the ad delivery systems.

Please contact your Account Manager within Ströer before implementing your system.

We would like to coordinate the individual start date to activate your CMP. From this date on, all systems, service providers, and ad promoters will respect the user decisions.

At the moment we support all Consent Management Platforms, who are certified by the IAB. For more information click here: IAB Transparency & Consent Frameworks.

CMP Integration Test

In order to test the collaboration between our system and your CMP integration, you can temporarily set MetaTag into a CMP test state.

Please be aware that our CMP test state uses your CMP data, but it will not be distributed to all connected systems and service providers. Some advertisements will behave like there is no CMP activated (on your website).

MetaTag will carefully handle all of your CMP information and therefor only load the ones being accepted by the user.

In order to set MetaTag into a CMP test state you can chose between two options:

  • Add in the URL the following parameter (test mode activated for the next page call)
  • Add a new value in the "localStorage"  using the developer console of your browser (test mode is valid till you delete the localStorage value)
    • localStorage.setItem('sdgCmp', 'exttcf2')
      Uses the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework 2.0

Of course we will gladly assist in testing your CMP integration: We need a test set up, which is accessible from outside of your organization.

Please contact your Ströer Account Manager.

Further Service Providers

By implementing your own CMP, you must make sure to get the consent from the user for the IAB TCF 2.0 Vendor 'Google Advertising Products' with the Vendor ID: 755.

In case there is no consent given, currently we do not deliver ads to that site. A solution to provide ads to the user who declined personalized content and cookies will be available in the beginning of Q4/2020.

Optional possibilities to limit advertisements

Even though the user declined the consent, you can force the AdServer to show non-personalized ads. This is useful if your webpage shows sensible information (health, religious or sexual orientation etc.) and you would like to avoid the use of personal client data. In general, the AdServer does not connect the sensible content with its user data. However the used URL will be saved.

To avoid using personalized ads, you can use the JavaScript interface to the TagManager:

SDG.Publisher.setAdServerConsent(Boolean); //true = deliver ads based on personal data, false = deliver non-personalized ads

(warning) This method has to be executed before all other methods of MetaTag (check code block below).
In case your users did not make a decision yet (e.g.: your CMP is still loading or the user takes his time), you have to handle it as if your user denied the consent and therefor forward this information to the system.

Example of a possible implementation: 

(info) 'consent' {type  Boolean} - pass true if the user agrees to his data usage, false if the user declines the consent.

Publisher CMP
  <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        SDG.Publisher.addKeyValue('geschlecht', 'frau');
        SDG.Publisher.addKeyValues({ 'interessen' : ['finanzen', 'autosport', 'mode'] });
        SDG.Publisher.registerSlot('banner', 'headerBeforeNavigation').load();
        SDG.Publisher.registerSlot('rectangle', 'adInContent').load();
        SDG.Publisher.registerSlot('sky', 'adInSidebar').load();

Limited Ads

Google introduced limited ads (LTD) to create the ability to serve ads in a limited way in the absence of consent for the use of cookies or other local identifiers.

As long as your CMP uses the IAB TCF v2.0 consent framework, DFP will attempt to serve an eligible limited ad when there is no consent for Purpose 1.

If  one of the following conditions are met for Google as an ad technology provider, limited ads will be served:

  • No consent for Purposes 1, 3, and 4
  • Legitimate interest or consent for Purposes 2, 7, 9, and 10

More details concerning limited ads can be found here

To check your set up and in case of technical questions, you can always reach our Support Center at "CMP-Hilfe". In case you do not have an account yet, please contact your Account Manager at Ströer.