CMP-usage for third party pages without MetaTag

Pages that are not being marketed by the Ströer tag managment system “MetaTag” have the possibility to integrate our CMP without using any of the other features. Advertisments will not be shown and used.

If needed, we can provide a seperate JS Library for you to implement. This JS Library only contains the CMP module. Everything else is deactivated and will not step into action.

Every page specific setting must be saved in the Sourcepoint-UI.

The JS Library has to be integrated into the head of the page.

Integration of the JS Library

The JavaScript File will be implemented into the <HEAD> of every webpage. It can be saved in the domain of your website or it can be loaded via the CDN once the page is called by a user.

Call from CDN (Content Delivery Network)

The path is linked as A JavaScript File in the <HEAD>.

If the webpage is SSL compatible, the protocoll can easily be changed to “https”. All calls from our side will be secured, even if the website is not.


<!DOCTYPE html>




    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>







The File will automatically be saved into the cache of your browser. Therefor it does not need to be loaded by the user repeatedly.